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  moving taboo
  moving is a happy event. to move into a new house and start a new life, naturally everyone hopes to have a good vision, hope to have a good start, and hope to have a smooth future.
  next, i'd like to introduce some matters that need to be noted in moving. i hope that everyone can move smoothly and profitably in the new house and have a better life after moving in.
  choose a good day
  the most important thing in moving to a new house is to choose a auspicious day. according to the yellow calendar, it's better to choose post horse day, sanhe day, zodiac day, weekday, etc. for example, some folk festivals such as the day of death, the day of the underworld, the day of breaking the sun and the day of losing the sun are bad days, so it is not suitable to move.
  in addition, if this day conflicts with the family's zodiac, it is not suitable to choose.
  before sunset
  fengshui knowledge has the bad implication of early departure and late return, day and night hard work.
  therefore, the best time to move into the new house on the day of moving is in the morning or at noon, but be sure to avoid entering the new house at night before sunset in the afternoon.
  not empty handed
  on the day of moving, when entering the new house for the first time, never enter the new house empty handed. take some valuables or daily necessities with you.
  you can choose rice vat or rice barrel, which means that you have no worries about food and clothing; you can also hold the quilt, which means that your life is safe and stable; or you can take the bankbook and bank card, which means that you can move into a new home with your wealth.
  in addition, on the first day of moving into a new home, you can put a spare part in your home. it has the powerful effect of attracting money and keeping money. it is very helpful for individuals and families to put a spare part in your home all the year round.
  there are taboos in moving: pay attention to these seven taboos
  use a new pillow
  moving is also called joining. according to the theory of physiognomy, "joining the group" is the transfer of the people's morale, so we need pillows to join the group first: according to the number of family members, use new pillows to open the door and enter the house, and put them separately according to their beds. it symbolizes the beginning of a new life.
  pregnant women avoid
  pregnant women are not suitable to participate in the whole moving process, no matter from their own physical condition or gas field. if there are pregnant women at home, on the day of moving, the pregnant women can be allowed to go back to their mother's house or their mother-in-law's house for rest. when the moving is completed and someone lives in the new house for a few days, the pregnant women can move into the new house.
  if pregnant women need to move in together for special reasons, it's better to buy a new broom, and the pregnant woman will clean all the furniture before moving in.
  stove boiling water
  when you move into your new home, make sure you use a stove to boil water. turn on the faucet, and let the water flow slowly. because the water flows long, it means that the money is rolling and the bowl is full. using a stove means to live in a red fire in the future.
  invite friends often
  中 国人向来有搬家稳居一说,搬了新家之后,主人都喜欢邀请朋友来家里稳居做客,这是非常正确的,如果搬家当天太忙可在一周内选个日子请客。家里人气越旺,越容易提升主人运势。
  chinese people always say that after moving to a new house, the host likes to invite friends to stay in the house, which is very correct. if you are too busy on the day of moving, you can choose a day in a week. the more popular the family is, the easier it is to improve the master's fortune.
  however, we need to pay attention to saying more auspicious words in stable living, and never quarrel or get angry.
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