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we chinese people have to choose a good day to get engaged, get married or even move. the eighth day of the new year is a good day to move. a good start means a good start. so today, fei mojun made a move plan in advance. it's not afraid to move several times a year!
it's a pleasure to buy and buy for a while. when you pack and tidy up, you will find that there are so many things in your home. so before you do that, we need to make a plan:
① set a moving date, make a rough estimate of the family's things 10 days before moving, consider whether to find a moving company, if necessary, compare the goods to three, and know the price well;
② 7 days before the move, start to sort out the things that are not commonly used at ordinary times, and put them back first;
③ one day before moving, collect the most commonly used things, such as toiletries, cosmetics, etc., and make an inventory;
④ on the day of moving, do a good job in the work of checking and commanding, and do not leave any missing items;
before finishing, some tools need to be prepared: moisture-proof film (preservation film can also be used for small items), woven bag, tape, carton, bubble film, packing rope, plastic storage box, document storage box, scissors, marker pen, vacuum storage bag.
when finishing, it is not random. it is also skillful
① learn to leave, moving is the process of leaving, throw, do not be reluctant, with the old farewell to buy a new one;
② give priority to packing things that are not often used to make room;
③ according to the area, the kitchen is classified as class i, the bedroom as class i, and the toilet toiletries as class i, which is convenient to distinguish. it's also convenient to move to a new home, and it can be noted with a marker pen, which is also very convenient to find;
④ valuables and important documents shall be packed separately and carried with you to prevent loss in the process of moving;
⑤ make sure that the weight is not too much, the small is not too much. light small items on top, heavy large items on the bottom. the bottom of the heavy box shall be firmly adhered, and it is better to seal the box with transparent tape.
⑥ fragile products should be packed separately and marked well to remind the moving company to pay attention;
⑦ if there are old people and children in the family, priority should be given to packing their things;
next, we start to organize!
➤ clothing: bedroom finishing is basically clothing finishing, which is also the biggest and most annoying thing in moving.
according to the season, the coats and down coats in autumn and winter can be put on the bottom of the carton, and the spring and summer clothes can be put on the top, and the small clothes can be stuffed into the corners; the underwear and socks can be collected in a bag separately, and each pair of socks can be rolled into a ball, so it is not easy to be disordered, and it is convenient to find when wearing.
i've sorted out a moving strategy, which is easy and labor-saving. i'm not afraid to move several times a year. i'll move after the end of the year
➤ shoes and hats: put them in the shoebox, tie them up and carry them with packing rope; if there is no shoebox, put them in plastic bags and put them in a single carton. in order to prevent the deformation of the hat, you can fold some small clothes and put them inside, and increase the storage space.
i've sorted out a moving strategy, which is easy and labor-saving. i'm not afraid to move several times a year. i'll move after the end of the year
the kitchen is basically the storage of some firewood, rice, oil, salt, pots and pans. before packing, wrap the plastic wrap around these bottles, pots and pans to prevent spilling and polluting other items; for the fragile items like bowls, wrap them with bubble wrap or old newspapers, and place them in the paper box flatly, and note that they should be handled with care to prevent them from being broken when moving.
there are also some small electric rice cookers that can be placed in the paper box. the bottom of the paper box should be pasted with tape for several times to prevent heavy falling off.
living room
here we do not consider large furniture for the time being. first, we will sort out some books, model shops and electronic products.
➤ books: because it is heavy, the bottom of the carton must be firmly glued with adhesive tape when packing, and then put it separately according to the size and thickness. the thinner one can be placed horizontally, and the gap can also be used.
➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤➤: select a small carton, fill the bottom with bubble film, or wrap it with newspaper, and handle it gently.
➤ electronic products: put pad, mobile phone charger, remote control and other electronic products into a paper box.
➤➤: shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, bath milk, etc. are put in a small box. before collection, they are also wrapped with fresh-keeping film to prevent extrusion during transportation.
➤ skin care category: there are more skin care products and cosmetics for girls. wrap them with fresh-keeping film. it's better to use fresh-keeping bags for things that are easy to disperse.
the balconies are basically clothes hangers and mops. fei mojun thinks that the new home can buy new ones. household appliances like vacuum cleaners are put in the storage box.
sofa, tea table these big furniture, when packing, stick on the safety belt at the corner, use the big damp proof membrane to wrap up as a whole, and then hand it to the moving company.
pay attention to the refrigerator here. when moving, take out all the food inside. fix the moving parts such as the shelf, moisture box and drawer of the freezer with adhesive tape. close the refrigerator door and fix it with adhesive tape to avoid being opened when moving. after transportation, it shall be put in place for at least 2-3 hours before power on.
finally, remember to label all the boxes or write notes with a marker so that you can find and use them in your new home!