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  when moving, we often need to pack. in order to find out how to put the things and which boxes to put them in, most people will choose to pack by themselves. what are the skills of packing when moving? in order to move less things, we need to break away when moving and packing, throw away some things we don't use, and how to break away when moving?
  1、 what are the skills of moving and packing
  1. need to prepare a few woven bags, (hardware store can buy) a few cartons and a roll of non dry tape.
  2、搬家穿着诀窍 搬家当天穿着要以安全方便为准则,更好穿长袖和长裤,不要穿裙装,千万不要穿拖鞋、凉鞋和高跟鞋,避免被扭伤了。
  2. tips for moving: wear long sleeves and trousers on the day of moving. don't wear skirts. don't wear slippers, sandals and high heels to avoid sprains.
  3. in my mind, i first classify the items in my home into categories, such as quilts, clothes and socks, which can be mixed in woven bags.
  4、行李打包诀窍 被褥、枕头等寝具,折叠后直接套上大布袋或大塑料袋,拉紧封口即可,没有大袋子的话,可以用旧被单包裹。棉被里头不要塞易碎物品,避免搬的时候将它们给弄坏了。
  4. luggage packing tips bedding, pillows and other bedding, after folding, directly put on a large cloth bag or a large plastic bag, tighten the seal can be, if there is no large bag, you can use the old sheet package. don't stuff the quilt with fragile items to avoid damaging them when carrying.
  5、衣物装箱诀窍 使用纸箱时,以不把衣物弄皱为原则,箱底尺寸比衣物折叠后的尺寸大一些为宜。依照衣柜抽屉顺序装箱,在搬到新家后也会更加方便整理。
  5. when using the carton for clothing packing, the principle is not to crease the clothing. the size of the bottom of the carton is larger than that of the folded clothing. according to the sequence of drawers in the wardrobe, it will be more convenient to organize after moving to a new home.
  6. computers and monitors, drinking fountains and televisions can be packed without packing, but the sockets and power cords of these electrical appliances need to be packed into a small cardboard box.
  7、零散物品装箱诀窍 各类小饰品及零散的小东西可用小包装盒或塑料袋装起来,用胶带封住后就不用担心了,更好是从重的大的东西先开始放,上半部尽量放置轻的物品。
  7. packing tips for scattered items: all kinds of trinkets and scattered items can be packed in small packing boxes or plastic bags. after being sealed with adhesive tape, you don't need to worry. it's better to start with the heavy ones and put the light ones in the top half as much as possible.
  8. you may also have a lot of fragmentary items, remember not to worry, you can put them all into a woven bag or carton for easy handling.
  9. kitchen supplies should be packed in a single carton, and the porter should be told to handle them with care.
  10、器皿装箱诀窍 先将盘、碗、杯子分类,再分类装箱。分类装箱不仅装箱效率高,碗、盘、杯子应一个一个地用报纸包起来,如不包或多个包在一起,则可能会导致互相碰撞摩擦而破损。在放入器皿前,应把报纸揉成纸团,放在箱子底部作为缓冲。,把盘子放入箱子下层,把杯、碗倒扣着放入箱子上层。 开箱再次使用时也便于整理。
  10. container packing know-how: first classify plates, bowls and cups, and then classify and pack them. classified packing not only has high efficiency in packing, but also the bowls, plates and cups should be wrapped in newspaper one by one. if they are not packed or multiple packages are put together, they may collide with each other and be damaged. before putting into the container, the newspaper should be kneaded into a paper ball and placed at the bottom of the box as a buffer. finally, put the plate on the bottom of the box, and put the cup and bowl upside down into the top of the box. it is also easy to organize when unpacking for reuse.
  11. some kitchen supplies, such as hot pot, should pay attention to the collection of disassembled parts to avoid missing during assembly.
  12、搬家安全诀窍 格外当心玻璃、刀具等锋利的物品,刀具等用厚纸板将刀锋包起,并用胶带粘住、固定,在工人搬大件物品时,与他们保持一段距离;叮嘱工人须要格外小心那些贵重电器和家具等物品;安排易碎或怕压的物品应装车、卸货;提醒大家倍加小心,不要将邻居的东西给碰到了。
  12. safety tips for moving: pay special attention to sharp objects such as glass, knives, etc., which are wrapped up with cardboard, stuck and fixed with adhesive tape, keep a distance with workers when carrying large objects; remind workers to pay special attention to those valuable electrical appliances, furniture and other items; arrange fragile or pressure resistant items to be loaded and unloaded at last; i'd like to remind you to be more careful not to touch your neighbor's things.
  13. put glassware and lamps into special boxes. keep the plate upright, not flat. use glass tape or foam packaging material to wrap mirrors, glass frames or artwork. mark "fragile items" on the outside of the box.
  14. books and magazines shall be bound with a crisscross shape with a packing belt to protect the turning point with thick cardboard or use a heavy box (small box). do not pack too much, and it is not easy to carry too much.
  15. some important documents, books and other things should be put in a carton in order to avoid confusion.
  2、 how to leave when moving
  it's an important step to reduce the cost of moving. clothes that you don't wear for three months, appliances that accumulate ash at home, all kinds of decorations and sundries brought back by impulse can be disposed of. the idea of "keep this expensive first" and "this should be used later" will only increase your moving expenses.
  what are the skills of moving and packing? in fact, there are many skills of packing. the key is to be able to choose a proper packing method. how to move? how to do it depends on how you deal with it. when you throw away or leave something, you should think about its use.
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